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Bradley House
More Than A Mummy
Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Rotoroa Exhibition Centre
Treasures & Tales
Permanent Human History Gallery,
Auckland Museum, 1997.
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An internationally unique exhibition which focuses on the abstract similarities between different cultures, in particular those of New Zealand and the Pacific region.

The gallery is composed of a sequence of metaphoric spaces - ‘every day needs’, ‘tools and technology’, ‘cultural performance’, and ‘body and spirit’, with an underlying and unifying exploration of 'interstices' - the spaces in-between cultures and times where a fertile interchange often takes place; our model and inspiration was the museum itself, with its plethora of diverse cultural artifacts and memories of secret spaces.

Finalist, Wools of NZ Interior Design Awards, 1998
Winner of New Zealand Institute of Architects 'Branch' Award, 1998
Winner of NZIA -'Resene Colour Award for Architecture' 1998
Winner of Lighting Award, Illuminating Engineering Soc.
of Australia & NZ, 1998
Winner of Education Award, Parent & Care Givers Assoc. of NZ, 1998
Winner of NZIA 'Regional' Award, 1999
Winner of NZIA-Resene 'National' Award for Colour, 1999
Winner of NZIA 'National' Award for Architecture, 1999
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