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Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Rotoroa Exhibition Centre
Rotoroa Exhibition Centre
Rotoroa Island, Hauraki Gulf, Auckland
Building Architecture and Interpretation Design and Development

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Open to the public for the first time in 100 years the Rotoroa Island Exhibition Centre is set on a remote former Salvation Army alcohol and drug rehabilitation island ‘prison' within the Hauraki Gulf in the Auckland Harbour.

As a philanthropic project this island is being restored to its natural state by the Rotoroa Island Trust. Aware that the Trust’s work for the island –the restoration of the land - paralleled the Salvation Army’s rehabilitation of the body and soul we looked at the simple New Zealand vernacular of the protective shed as our model. At the same time we developed the exhibition storyline concepts and chose to focus on the eclectic and unusual stories of the Sallies on the island.

The large shed-like roof hovers over the land in a gesture of protection. The land is gathered up under this. A gently sloping ramp leads the visitor to a raised entry platform where the views out, beneath the floating verandah, are occluded low to focus on the land, the restoration. This buoyant, sheltered space allows for gathering and protection from rain and sun.

Highly Commended for Commercial Architecture Excellence
NZ Wood Timber Design Awards 2011
Winner for Cladding Building Envelope 
NZ Wood Timber Design Awards 2011
NZIA Auckland Branch Award for Public Architecture 2011
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