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Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Rotoroa Exhibition Centre
Cadbury World
Visitor Centre and Factory Tour for Cadbury International,
Dunedin, 2002.

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Based on the history of chocolate - its discovery and manufacture, and the cultural and emotional associations of confectionery - this project includes a dedicated Visitor Centre as well as a comprehensive Factory Tour, complete with a 9-storey high ‘chocolate waterfall’.

Upon entry, the visitor is confronted by a mountain of chocolate bars (approximately 20,000!) penetrating two floors of an historic building which forms part of the Cadbury factory complex. Continuing via a ramped display, one passes through an eclectic array of pavilions focusing on botany, love, energy, fun, and the history of the ‘chocolate machine’.

The Visitor Centre is bifurcated by a wall of working machine parts which takes its inspiration from the work of sculptor Yves Tinguely, as well as the industrial aesthetic of the factory itself.

A film was produced for the centre and is shown in a purpose-built theatre prior to embarking on the factory tour. The forty-minute tour shows various aspects of the working factory and culminates inside an enormous silo: the visitor descends to the exit via a steel spiral staircase with the chocolate waterfall at its centre.

This development is a major tourist draw card for the City of Dunedin.
Winner of a New Zealand Institute of Building Awards, 2003
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