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Bradley House
More Than A Mummy
Torpedo Bay Navy Museum
Rotoroa Exhibition Centre
Aoraki Mt Cook National Park Visitor Centre
Department of Conservation 2009
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Under a Cliff Whiting carving of Aoraki, the ancestor, the exhibition schema is structured around a central 'spine' that focuses the visitor immediately to the spectacular axial view of Aoraki,and the pristine alpine wilderness beyond.

This view brings the main object of the centre - Aoraki, New Zealand's highest mountain - directly into the building as a primary object and almost projects the visitor out among the peaks.

Totally refurbished the original historic building itself also becomes an object in this exhibition. It's 45 deg roof pitch tilting at the winter snow references a Maori whare that houses the imploding view of the ancestor Aoraki.
It's diamond like geometry alludes to the multiplicity of snow crystals as they form in tendrils within graphic ceiling panels.

In fractal geometries these diamonds spread and multiply from the ceilings to floors to outside landscape in reference to the pristine purity of the landscape.

A cathedral in homage to a natural beauty.
Winner of New Zealand Institute of Architects Branch Award 2009
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